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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon
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Dr. Oxley is board certified by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, indicating that he has achieved the highest level of rigorous requirements for being a full time specialist as a plastic surgeon in Canada. 

Along with being an active faculty member at UBC, Dr. Oxley has a wide range of certifications, indicating a high level of competence in plastic surgery.

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Surgical Procedures

Do you have hospital privileges to perform surgery?

In order to obtain hospital privileges, a plastic surgeon’s training and competency must be evaluated by the hospital review committee.

After careful considerations, Dr. Oxley has been awarded this privilege to perform surgeries at Royal Columbian Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital, and Eagle Ridge Hospital.  Only certain procedures require hospitalization, with the remaining procedures performed at the surgical center.

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Are both your surgical centre's accredited?

In order for a surgical facility to become accredited, a rigorous audit is performed to ensure that the centre has met strict requirements and a high standard of care.

Both Parklane Surgical Centre and Ambulatory Surgical Centre’s levels of professionalism, competency, training, outstanding staff, and safety has enabled them to receive full accreditation.

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What is your level of experience?

Following five years of training at the University of British Columbia and further international experience in both Paris and London, Dr. Oxley now has over six years of experience, plus five years specifically in plastics training.  In this time, Dr. Oxley’s competence and ability in plastic surgery has granted him memberships in a variety of professionally applicable organizations.

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What questions should I ask Dr. Oxley about my specific procedure?

Dr. Oxley recognizes that you are an individual with very specific and personalized needs.  Here are some additional questions to ask Dr. Oxley during your consultation:

1. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

2. Where will you perform my surgery?

3. What are the risks for me associated with this procedure?

4. What is my expected recovery time for this procedure?

5. What kind of help will I need during recovery?

6. Will I need to take time off from work?  If so, how long?

7. What should I expect as a realistic outcome?

8. What is expected of me to achieve optimum results?

9. Does my insurance policy cover the procedure?

10. What is your policy on surgical revisions for this procedure?

11. How soon can I have the procedure?

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Are all of your staff properly accredited?

When undergoing any type of surgery, it is important to know that every person involved in your safety during the procedure is properly licensed, trained, and proven to demonstrate competence and a high standard of care.

Dr. Oxley prides himself on the team he works closely with every day as one cohesive unit.  From your experiences with Sandra and Dr. Oxley, to the fabulous OR nurses, anesthetists, and support staff, you’ll feel the high level of knowledge, experience, and care that makes Dr. Oxley’s team what it is today.

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