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About Mommy Makeovers

This popular term refers to the rejuvenation of the body after child bearing.  A woman's body suffers from stretching, weight gain, breast enlargement/deflation, pigment changes, and sometimes scarring during and following pregnancy.


The Procedure

Often in order to correct all of a woman's concerns, a combined procedure is required.  A classic Mommy Makeover addresses the abdomen and breasts. 

The Abdomen is treated typically by abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck.  This procedure allows for the removal of loose, wrinkled skin, some excess fat, and also allows Dr. Oxley to tighten the muscles pulled apart by pregnancy.  Dramatic results can be achieved in women of any size or shape.

Breast rejuvenation may include a simple breast lift (mastopexy) for those women happy with their size but unhappy with their shape.  By tightening the skin and repositioning the breast tissue, the breast is returned to a younger shape and the nipple brought up and forward.  Other women unhappy with their size may require further surgery.

Breast feeding causes breasts to get bigger, and in some women they shrink back, while in others they stay large.  Options therefore include breast augmentation or reduction, as well as a breast lift in some cases to achieve the final desired result.

Lastly, some women may chose to have some liposuction done to more difficult areas not responding to exercise, such as the thighs or flanks. 


What to Expect

By combining all these options, you are able to achieve a fresh, restored appearance in one surgery, limiting down time, and saving money as well!

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